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About DataforthEurope

Dataforth Europe is a representative of Dataforth Corporation throughout Europe. Today, Dataforth is a worldwide leader in Instrument Class® Industrial Electronics. Dataforth’s product range consists of rugged, high performance isolated signal conditioning, data acquisition and data communication products that play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of industrial automation, test and measurement and quality assurance systems. Dataforth continue to seek out the most cost-effective emerging technologies in design and manufacturing, providing the highest performance quality products at the lowest price. Our customers continue to choose Dataforth as their preferred source of rugged, high performance isolated signal conditioning, data acquisition and data communication products due to their core competences and services:
  • Knowledgeable engineering base
  • Reliable, high-quality product range
  • Experienced R&D team
  • Stringent quality assurance system
Dataforth Europe has 19 years of unrivalled experience selling Dataforth’s complete product range. Creating a maintaining strong relationships with both the customers and distribution channels are pinnacle to the success of Dataforth Europe. Our core values here at Dataforth Europe are:
  • Making the buying experience as simple and effective as possible
  • Offering competitive price breaks on large orders
  • Investing in maintaining adequate stock levels to have your products shipped on the day of purchase so you can meet personal project deadlines

Dataforth product range

Signal conditioning
Dataforth’s Signal Conditioning product line of high quality Instrument Class™ DSCA, SCM, SCT, DSCT, DSCL, and DSCP isolated analog I/O modules, signal isolators, and transmitters are designed to provide a wide variety of process and monitoring solutions. Our signal conditioning product solutions protect valuable measurement and control signals and equipment from the dangerous and degrading effects of noise, transient power surges, internal ground loops, and other hazards present in industrial environments.
Data communication
Data communications in industrial and institutional environments can present special problems. Lines must be run over long distances, often ranging from thousands of feet to several miles, indoors and outdoors, and between buildings. Such data communications systems must be able to function in the presence of electrical transients and noise, ground loops, and surges from nearby lightning strikes.

Dataforth Corporation's rugged modems, rack-mounted modem systems, and new DCP485 series of DIN-mount, fully isolated RS-232/RS-485 converters are designed to "harden", protect, and extend the operating ranges of these data communications networks while providing additional benefits in reduced installation and maintenance costs.
Data acquisition
Dataforth’s Data Acquisition product line consists of fast, flexible, reliable and intelligent data acquisition and control systems which are designed for rugged industrial applications. Dataforth’s latest modular data acquisition range, the MAQ20, can support up to 24 I/O modules, creating a compact and flexible system with up to 384 channels that will fit into a standard 19” rack.